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Photonics Showcase: July 2014

Microscope Objectives
Optics Technology Inc. designs, manufactures and assembles custom application microscope objectives and systems. Wavelength region spans from the deep-UV through the far-IR. The company offers rapid...
Optics Technology, Inc.
CaF2/MgF2 Blanks & Polished Components
Sydor Optics, known for the fabrication of precision flat-surfaced parallel and wedged optics, is pleased to enhance our capabilities to include both CaF2 and MgF2 materials. We now offer CaF2 and...
Sydor Optics, Inc.
Repair Damaged Fiber Connectors
Rather than discarding or reterminating cable assemblies, Rev2 repairs damaged fiber optic connectors in less than 30 seconds. The precision alignment and advanced mechanical design guarantee...
FRED Optimum Optical Engineering Software
FRED Optimum Optical Engineering Software is capable of simulating the propagation of light through any opto-mechanical system by ray tracing. Whether the design is imported from CAD, a lens design...
Photon Engineering LLC
CNC Four-Axis Micromachining of Optics
Valley Design offers advanced capabilities in four-axis CNC micromachining of precision optics in materials including fused silica, quartz, sapphire, glass, silicon, aluminum nitride, alumina, macor...
Valley Design Corp., Headquarters
Sapphire Wave Plates
Meller Optics sapphire wave plates for Er:YAG and holmium lasers extend polarization into the infrared and provide superior damage resisĀ­tance to quartz and mica. They are available from 0.3 to 4.7...
Meller Optics, Inc.
Automatic Centering Machine with Robot
Model SPCM-M1-AT50 from Mildex centers and bevels lenses or plano workpieces in a fully automatic cycle, including loading and unloading of the workpieces by robot. The machine has two integrated...
Mildex, Inc.
Ocelot LWIR Lenses
Novotech’s Ocelot line of long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) lenses are available off the shelf or customized to your specific requirements. Optical and mechanical design services are available to...
Novotech, Inc.
Photodiode Transimpedance Amplifier
The PDA-750 photodiode amplifier is a low-noise, high-gain transimpedance amplifier that is designed to provide a direct digital readout of the current generated from a photodiode, photomultiplier or...
Terahertz Technologies, Inc.
Wide Variety of Detectors (X-ray to NIR)
Choose from among dozens of different detector types to find the best one for your application. Hamamatsu offers photomultipliers, photodiodes, photo ICs, scientific-grade image sensors, color...
Hamamatsu Corporation
All-in-One USB Microstage
The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage has 0.5 µm resolution with absolute encoding. The 29 × 20 × 10 mm piezo stage needs no external controller. Powered by USB or 3.3 V batteries, it uses...
New Scale Technologies, Inc.
XMS100V Vertical Linear Stage
The XMS100V is an ultrahigh-precision stage with 50-nm MIM and repeatability. Based on linear motor technology and a direct read analog glass encoder, the XMS100V has better than 1.5-µm...
Newport Corporation
Products for Microscopy
Whether it is a complete system for a complex biological experiment, automation devices for increasing throughput, or inspection systems to catch defects and increase production, Applied Scientific...
Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
C111C MultiWaveTM Coated Filter
The C111C MultiWaveTM coated filter from Kentek provides scratchproof coverage with 70% visibility for multiple lasers: 200 to 474 nm, 525 to 552 nm, plus nearly complete IR coverage from 755 nm and...
Kentek Corporation
New Products From IR Catalog
Does your project demand off-the-shelf IR optics? We are your source, offering an expanded infrared online catalog with the largest and most unique selection of IR optical components in the industry...
ISP Optics Corporation
SLC Series Fiber Laser Isolators
EOT introduces its SLC Series Fiber Laser Isolators, designed to protect pulsed fiber lasers from back reflections during marking and engraving applications. Their monolithic design provides...
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.
Fiber-Optic Aligning Systems
Aerotech’s FAe series high-performance photonics aligning systems incorporate best-in-class drive and state-of-the-art axis control technology. Their modular design permits the selection of the...
Aerotech, Inc.
Optical and Illumination Design Software
TracePro® is award-winning optomechanical design software for design, analysis, and optimization of optical and illumination systems. With a familiar CAD interface, 2-D and 3-D optimization, and...
Lambda Research Corp.
Newport’s new OpticsCage+ utilizes an easy-to-use snap-in design to expedite the creation of optical systems. Most cage systems use a closed-hole captive design for adapting optic carriers to...
Newport Corporation
High-Performance Canon Digital Galvos
Industry-leading high-performance, fully digital galvo scanner from Canon. In-house developed digital position sensor coupled with digital servo controller results in high-precision/high-accuracy...
Canon U.S.A., Inc., Industrial Products Div.
Highest-Damage-Threshold Laser Sensor
Ophir Photonics, the global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corp. brand, announces that its LP1 sensor coating has the highest damage resistance in the industry....
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Optics Pak Attack
Starting a lab or a new project? Make sure you stock up with Newport Optics Packs! Providing excellent performance and superior quality and value, our most popular mirrors are now available in packs...
Newport Corporation
Compact 1064nm Laser Interferometer
The 1064nm PhaseCam® 6000 is a compact and lightweight interferometer for measuring near-infrared optics and optical systems. With an easy-to-position fiber-coupled measurement head and motorized...
4D Technology Corp.
New iXon Ultra 888 EMCCD
The new iXon Ultra 888 is the world’s fastest megapixel back-illuminated EMCCD camera. The iXon Ultra 888 offers single-photon sensitivity across a large field of view, at 26 fps. The...
Andor Technology plc, Corporate Headquarters
HighLight D-Series Up to 10 kW
HighLight D-Series delivers high power and an increased range of “smart” output beam shapes, making it the ideal source for laser heat treating, cladding and welding applications - all at...
Coherent Inc.
Optical Metrology Z-Axis Stage
This Q-Max series features technology to position optics in a vertical orientation and maintain high stability. The payload capacity is up to 25 kg with travel ranges from 25 to 100 mm. It is...
Nutec Components Inc.

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