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D-55129 Mainz, Hechtsheim
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DILAS, the diode laser company, is focused on delivering the most innovative technologies and advanced product solutions in the industry. Founded in 1994 in Mainz, Germany, with operations in North America and Asia, DILAS designs, develops and manufactures quality high-power, high-brightness semiconductor laser components.

Today with over 300 employees, DILAS' strengths are in quality engineering, process control, product development and high-volume manufacturing. We offer an unparalleled range of wavelengths from 450nm to 2200nm and, deliver the broadest range of products from mounted bars to fully configured turnkey systems.

Due to their compact size, high-power and robust optical elements, DILAS’ products provide solutions for a wide range of applications including medical, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, defense, graphic arts and materials processing.

For more information about DILAS, including product updates, visit the company’s website at
Established: 1994
Employees: 300
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock
Marcel Marchiano, CEO
Joerg Neukum, Sales/Mktg. Dir.
Jens Biesenbach, CTO

Fiber-Coupled, Multibar Diode Laser
Dilas has introduced its fiber-coupled, multibar diode laser module for applications such as... 10/2013
1470-nm and 1530-nm Fiber-Coupled Lasers
Dilas’ new conduction-cooled fiber-coupled 1470- and 1530-nm diode laser modules offer 12-W... 8/2013
450-nm Fiber-Coupled Module
Dilas’ fiber-coupled module emits 10-W output power at 450 nm from a 400-µm multisingle... 7/2013
976-nm Fiber-Coupled, Single Emitter Module
Suitable for medical applications, Dilas’ fiber-coupled, single emitter module emits 10-W CW... 6/2013
Diode Laser
Dilas has released the Compact Evolution, a fiber-coupled, CW diode laser system for scanner-based... 5/2013
DILAS - High-Brightness, High-Power
Product highlights presented by DILAS at the Laser World of Photonics 2013 in Munich, Germany... 4/2013
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DILAS Selected as Finalist for Prism Awards
3/24/2014 - DILAS, the diode laser company is pleased to announce its Fiber-Coupled; Multi-Single Emitter...
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DILAS and Special Systems, LLC Strategic Partnership
3/24/2014 - DILAS, the diode laser company and Special Systems, LLC, distributor of solutions for various...
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Celebrating 20 Years in the Industry
3/24/2014 - DILAS, the diode laser company, will showcase the industry’s largest diode laser product...
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High-Power Diode Lasers for Laser Surgery
4/1/2011 - Laser-based surgery is staking an increasingly important claim in operating theaters across the...
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Distribution Reorganization
1/1/2011 - In Mainz, Germany, Dilas, a high-power, high-brightness semiconductor laser components...
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Dilas Reorganizes French Distribution
11/5/2010 - Dilas, a high-power, high-brightness semiconductor laser components manufacturer, announced the... 11/2010
Dilas Celebrates 15th Anniversary
10/6/2009 - Dilas, a diode laser company located in Mainz, Germany, is celebrating its 15-year anniversary.... 10/2009
Reinl Joins Dilas Sales Team
10/2/2009 - Dilas Industrial Laser Systems announced that Stefen Reinl has joined its sales team in Mainz,... 10/2009


DILAS - 2014 Prism Award Finalist - Fiber-Coupled, Multi-Single Emitter Module
  • laser diode array
  • laser diode module
  • diode laser
  • laser system
  • soldering
  • welding
  • vertical stacks
  • horizontal stacks
  • fiber coupled module
  • tailored-bar modules
  • direct beam sources