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Sub. of PHOTONIS Technologies
MapSturbridge Business Park
PO Box 1159
Sturbridge, MA 01566
United States
Phone: (508) 347-4000
Fax: (508) 347-3849
Toll-free: (800) 648-1800
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Designs and manufactures detectors for ion, electron and photon detection and amplification, as well as low-light imaging cameras and sensors. Products are used in mass spectrometry, high-energy physics, astronomy, medical devices, counterfeit detection, residual gas detection, surveillance, mobile vision, machine vision and security.
Established: 1959
Employees: 50
Facility area (sq. ft): 200,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Green Manufacturing
Green Facility

New Low Light Color CMOS Camera
PHOTONIS Digital Imaging introduces a new Color Low-Light CMOS camera, optimized for low-light...
Sponsored Content 1/2014
NOCTURN Extreme Low Light CMOS Camera
The NOCTURN CMOS-based camera from PHOTONIS provides unmatched low-light digital imaging, with...
Sponsored Content 12/2013
Ion Mobility Spectrometer
Photonis USA and IonSense Inc. have released the Dart ion mobility spectrometer for fast, accurate... 3/2013
High-Mass BiPolar Maldi-Tof Detector
Photonis USA has announced a high-mass bipolar matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization... 5/2012
CMOS Sensor
Photonis USA’s new Lynx low-light digital CMOS image sensor performs under both daylight and... 4/2012
Low-Noise Microchannel Plates
Photonis USA Inc. has announced a new long-life, low-noise (L3N) performance option for its... 2/2012
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Photonis Spectrometer Awarded European Patent
3/13/2013 - Electro-optics manufacturer Photonis USA received a European patent for the manufacture of an ion... 3/2013
Photonis Signs Development Deal with IonSense
7/2/2012 - Photosensor and electro-optic technologies company Photonis USA signed a development partnership... 7/2012
Photonis, Georgia Tech to Develop Prototype Spectrometer
6/11/2012 - Electro-optic mass spectrometer component manufacturer Photonis USA has signed a sponsorship... 6/2012
Photonis Receives Reflectron Lens Patent
3/6/2012 - Electro-optics manufacturer Photonis USA said it has received a patent to produce resistive glass... 3/2012
Hybrid Photodiodes
9/1/2010 - Electro-optic manufacturer Photonis USA has announced that it will provide hybrid photodiodes and...
Photonics Spectra 9/2010

  • apd detectors
  • night vision optics
  • mass spectrometry
  • ion mobility spectrometer
  • microchannel plates
  • electron multipliers
  • optical receiver