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Map3600 W Moore Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92704-6835
United States
Phone: (714) 540-0126
Fax: (714) 540-1482
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PRECISION GLASS & OPTICS – PG&O has delivered high quality, precision glass, optics, and optical coatings for a variety of applications for over 25 years. The company has an extremely large inventory of glass products and a full optical fabrication shop to provide advanced optical coatings and manufacturing large mirror blanks. Other services include CNC machining, polishing, slicing, sawing, scribing, grinding, edging, assembly, and more. With three large coating chambers, and an expert, in-house engineering staff, our cost-effective and reliable optics and advanced thin film coatings are ideal for military, aerospace, biomedical, imaging, laser, digital cinema, solar markets, and more.
Established: 1984
Employees: 50
Facility area (sq. ft): 25,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Daniel Bukaty, Pres.
Thad Sanchez, Sales Mgr.
Green Products
Green Facility

Advanced Optical Components, Assemblies, and Complete Turnkey Optical Solutions
PG&O Delivers Complete Turnkey Solutions for Industrial, Military, and Avionics Applications ...
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Thin-Film Coatings
Precision Glass & Optics has released a line of optical thin-film coatings for imaging,... 1/2014
Precision Glass & Optics for Complete Turnkey Solutions
PG&O is an industry leader in complete turnkey optics solutions. We provide cost-effective and...
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Littrow Dispersion Prisms
Precision Glass & Optics has released a line of Littrow dispersion prisms for laser cavities... 8/2013
Precision Cutting/Scribing on Glass
Precision Glass & Optics offers precision glass cutting and scribing on thin flat substrates... 9/2012
Antireflection Optical Coatings
Precision Glass & Optics offers antireflection (AR) optical coatings for biomedical and life... 12/2010
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PG&O Appointed West Coast Distributor for Schott Supremax
11/7/2011 - Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O) has announced an exclusive West Coast distributorship... 11/2011

  • thin film coatings
  • fabrication
  • optical materials
  • glass substrates
  • 48-hr optics
  • AR coatings
  • anti-reflective thin film coatings
  • UV
  • ultra-violet coatings
  • prisms
  • littrow prisms
  • precision thin film filters
  • precision optics
  • optical coatings